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Energy Analysis

The NRDC has concluded the following:

A Home Analysis can help you assess how much energy your home uses, pinpoint where energy loss may be costing you up to 30% of your utility bill, and identifies tasks you can take to improve efficiency. A Home Energy Analysis can determine the efficiency of your home's heating and cooling systems, ways to eliminate drafts and cold areas, and determine ways to conserve hot water, electricity, and heating fuel.

A home energy analysis is the first step to:

  • enhance energy efficiency
  • lower utility bills
  • increase comfort of your home
  • reduce CO2 and improve the environment
  • provide a more healthy home

We look at your home as a system, a living envelope, inspecting and discovering the best ways to improve it. For example, when most people think of improving their home they add insulation or replace expensive windows, however usually the culprit is air infiltration, robbing you of energy. Insulating may or may not be the most cost effective way to provide more comfort or cut energy costs.

To analyze your home we use the following test equipment and techniques:

  • Blower door test - A blower door is a variable speed fan, mounted in a doorframe, used to pressurize and depressurize a house to measure the extent of air leaks and points of infiltration.
  • Infrared camera - An infrared camera shows surface heat variation which reveals areas of hot or cold energy losses and air leakage in buildings.
  • Utility Analysis - A unique offering is our ability to review home utility bills, analyzing them for your use of energy, the impact of temperature, and how to identify potential problems.

Audits alone don't save energy – once trouble areas are identified we offer our recommendations and services to correct the problems.

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